Greetings in Christ;
We are so happy to be able to introduce ourselves to you. We are Cornerstone Worship
Center of Palestine, and we are located at 1100 Salt Works Road.  Every Year Cornerstone
has been able to reach out into the community and help children receive school supplies to
help them during the school year.  Last year alone we helped over 1000 children,  Our Vision
at Cornerstone is to be God’s Hand Extended.  We would like to give you the opportunity to
be a “Helping Hand” at Cornerstones Back to School Bash. We are in need of more school
supplies, and would like to get these back packs filled.  We are taking Monetary Donations as
well as School Supplies.  Please Contact us if you would like to be a part of this great
outreach to our kids, each kid deserves a good start, and we want to help them do that. There
are no requirements, such as government assistance. We just want to reach out to these
kids, and we are asking you to help us do that. Together we can accomplish great things. We
want to assure every child as long as supplies last will receive something. May God bless you
and Thank you again for your continued support. You can reach us at
The Church
903-729-6896 or
Pastor Amanda
Sondra Bell at 903-948-5308

Amanda Malone
Cornerstone Worship
Center of Palestine
Back to School Bash Cornerst
one Director